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Currently, Country Fireworks does not implement the ERP systems, however the company plans to expand its market in the near future into multiple channels allowing us to invest in this system. As Country Fireworks expands, it plans to utilize ERP systems in many ways. The systems will help it improve:

  • inventory management capabilities with the ability to measure in-stock status and sales trends in real-time

  •  develop better relationships with customers and assess their shopping trends

  •  track marketing and promotions initiatives and measure their results

  •  simplify the systems training process for seasonal staff

  •  minimize the need for troubleshooting store-level systems issues

  •  integrate with payment processing to avoid manual entry and errors on credit/debit transactions while minimizing customer checkout times.

Overall, the ERP system will provide more stabilization as the company grows. Without the implementation of ERP systems, it is impossible to expand a company to its maximum potential.

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