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Country Fireworks is a retail outlet that sells a variety of fireworks in the Middle Tennessee area. This business has been in operation for over 20 years and has gradually expanded its market from just one location to eleven in Springfield, Clarksville, Coopertown, Goodlettsville, and Gallatin, Tennessee. Country Fireworks offers the largest selection of fireworks compared to our competitors. Novelty fireworks like Tanks, Snappers, Party Poppers, and more are sold as part of our “Buy One Get One Free” selection. Additionally, we also sell dozens of different fountains that emit showers of sparks and colors at eye-level. While many children favor these items, we also sell Cakes (both small 200-gram cakes and larger 500-gram cakes) and reloadable Artillery Shells (singles, doubles, and triples) that are sure to wow your family and friends at your Fourth of July party. While we offer these types of products and many more, we also provide the largest selection of fireworks in the Middle Tennessee area with thousands of products from acclaimed and superior brands like Big, Black Cat, Cutting Edge, TNT, and World Class Fireworks.







While many firework stands are sold in tents, Country Fireworks’ main location is located at 2222 Tom Austin Hwy, Greenbrier, Tennessee 37073 in our distinctive yellow trailer. Because of this, you can come shop with us to escape the scorching, hot summer in a cool, air-conditioned environment surrounded by a staff that is truly passionate and knowledgeable about our products and our guests. Country Fireworks is a family business owned and operated by Danny, Harsha, DJ, and Alex Lachmandas. Each of us have spent most of our lives in the industry, familiarizing and demoing thousands of fireworks to hand-select only the best and highest-quality products for our fellow Tennesseans. In addition to offering the highest quality and largest selection of fireworks in the Middle Tennessee area, Country Fireworks sells its products at the lowest prices with numerous specials including our “Buy One Get One Free” selection. At Country Fireworks, we desire to provide Middle Tennessee with the most high-quality fireworks at an affordable price.

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